Margaret Walpole


HP: 10
Speed: 6

When trying to come up with an item, a Thief ’s first inclination is to find someone who has one and relieve them of it.
Skills: Lockpicking, Climbing, Stealth, Bluffing, Stealing, Under-world Contacts (Connections)
Penniless 0
Tricks: Case a Joint: A Thief can always find a way in and find out who is watching.

noble ancestry
Skills: History, Connections in the Nobility (Connections)
Complication: resents nobility

The Archer:

Sentinel: On your turn, as a Free Action, you may designate one character (or object, or patch of ground). Deal 2 damage to the first enemy that willingly enters a square adjacent to the designat-ed character without shifting before your next turn. You cannot deal this damage if you are prevented from taking Opportunities.

Instead of attacking, you pick any target you can see and aim at it. Aiming grants adjacent enemies an Opportunity as though you were making a ranged attack. If your next ranged attack targets the same creature you aimed at, any range restriction is removed and you have Advantage for the attack.

At-Will 10 2
Effect: The projectile attaches to the target and illuminates the area like a torch. The target can’t hide. The projectile can be re-moved by the target as an Attack Action but otherwise lasts until the end of the encounter.

Pin Down
At-Will 10 2
Effect: If the target moves more than 2 squares on its next turn (if it moves at all at level 5), it takes 3 damage (5 damage at level 9). If the target had a prepared action, it loses it. If anyone was Marked by the target, the Mark ends.

Area Denial
At-Will 10 2
Effect: Create a 3×3 (5×5 at level 5) zone centered on the target. Until the end of your next turn, any enemy that takes any action in the zone that doesn’t result in them leaving it, or that ends their turn in the zone, takes 3 damage (5 damage at level 9).

Trick Arrow
Encounter 10 3
Effect: Choose one effect from the following list:

Explosive Arrow: An explosive attaches itself to the target. At the start of the target’s next turn, it explodes, dealing 2 damage to the target and all adjacent creatures.

Alchemist’s Fire: Ongoing 2 Damage and any creature that starts its turn adjacent or moves adjacent gains this same Status (save ends).

Smokescreen: Create a 3×3 zone centered on the target—the zone is totally obscured: creatures in the zone can’t see out, crea-tures outside can’t see in.Entangling Bolt: Target is Immobilized until it spends an Attack Action to end this Status.

Tether Shot: Target is Immobilized, escape ends. While it is Im-mobilized, you can spend a Move Action to pull the target up to 5 squares.

Special: When you roll a 2 on your Trick Arrow power, you must treat it as though you rolled a 5, but you have run out of that kind of ammo. Cross the effect off the list. (If you are making this attack in an area, you do not run out of this ammunition until all targets are resolved.) Finding the materials and crafting these Trick Arrows is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. You’ll have to find the downtime to make the Skill Rolls required if you want that particular ability back. Use all the usual rules in the Non-Combat section. This is a powerful ability, so the GM should not let you off easy.


Control Boost: When you roll a 3 to 6 on an attack, you may choose to either Slow the target until the end of its next turn, or to slide the target 3 squares.

Sap Strength
At-Will 5
Target is Weakened until the end of its next turn. (At level 4, save ends. At level 8, Weaken two targets in range.)

Encounter Reaction
Trigger: An enemy moves. Spend an Action Point. Replace the enemy where it started its movement. Its Move Action is still expended.

Fast Archer – Double your base damage when ranged attacking enemies with the Mob trait. When you use an Attack Action on your turn to attack an enemy with your Ranged Basic Attack and the enemy is Taken Out, your Attack Action is refunded. Howev-er, further attacks do not benefit from your Role Boosts.


Margaret Walpole

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