Amber Moreau


Background: Noble Knight
Origin: High-Ranking Bodyguard

Master at Arms
Been Around the Court (Connections)
Surprisingly Sneaky

Rich 2


Of Course I’m On the List: A Noble Knight can always finagle an invitation in high society.
Centaur Whisperer: Amber can always ride any creature she can mount.

Huge fuck-off axe
Plate armor

Class: The Shapechanger (One-Form Shifter) [Form of the Bull]
Role: Striker

HP: 10
Speed: 10

Feat: Sprinter: Increase your speed by 4. If you have unspent points of movement after your turn, you may spend them to move when it is not your turn. You may use this at any time, and if you use it in response to another event, it resolves as a Reaction.

Damage Boost: When you rolla 2 to 5 on an attack, deal 1 extra damage to the target. When you roll a 6, deal 2 extra damage instead.
Mobility Boost: Gain the Quick Shift Power


Blurred Form – At-Will
Melee – 2
Effect: Shift 2 squares

Primal Compulsion – At-Will
Ranged (10) – 2
Effect: Slide the target 2 squares.

Bull’s Transformation – Encounter
Melee – 3
Special: You must Charge at least 2 squares and make this attack instead of a Melee Basic Attack.
Effect: Target is knocked Prone and is Distracted until the end of its next turn.

Bull Rush – At-Will
Melee – 2
Effect: Push the target a number of squares equal to the distance you Charged to make this attack.

Nimble Charge – At-Will
Shift 1 square and Charge in either order. Do not replace the Melee Basic Attack with any other power.

(Role) Quick Shift – At-Will
You may shift 1 square. (2 squares at level 8.)

(Role) Strike back – Encounter
Trigger: An enemy hits you with an attack.
Spend an Action Point. Make an attack against the triggering enemy.


Amber Moreau

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