Eslin Dragondown


Background: Ranger
Origin: Ex-Soldier

Weather Prediction
Herbal Medicine
Old War Comrades (Connections)
Animal Handling

Penniless (0)

Bound By Duty
Bad At People

Dead Reckoning: Eslin can always find her way back to civilization when lost in the wilderness.
Animal Empathy: Eslin can calm down or make peace with any wild animal.

Hunting bow
Leather armour
Two long swords
Dog named Rufus

Class: Duelist
Role: Striker

HP: 10
Speed: 6

Feat: Resilient: You may use Rally twice per encounter. Whenever you Rally or are the target of a Leader’s Heal power, regain an additional Hit Point. A 3 counts as a pass on your Saving rows.

Damage Boost: When you rolla 2 to 5 on an attack, deal 1 extra damage to the target. When you roll a 6, deal 2 extra damage instead.
Mobility Boost: Gain the Quick Shift Power

Duel Free Action Encounter
Target one creature within 10 squares. Until the end of the encounter, when you attack the target, any 2s on your dice are treated as though they were 4s (6s at level 5).
Special: This power recharges when its target is Taken Out.

Whenever you start your turn, the target of your Duel takes one Focus. This represents that it needs to focus its attention on you and the need increases over time. When you start your turn, for each point of Focus the enemy has, pick one effect from the list below. It has all the Statuses you chose until the end of its next turn.
• Harried.
• Cannot benefit from positive effects from its allies’ powers.
• Cannot take advantage of Opportunities.
• Cannot benefit from positive effects from its own powers.
• Cannot use Interrupts or Reactions.
The target may ignore your “Cannots” but it grants you an Opportunity if it does.
You can spend Focus in various ways depending on your chosen Class Feature. When you spend a point of Focus, remove one of the accumulated Statuses. If you use Change Target to switch your Duel to another enemy, the original target loses all points of Focus and associated Statuses. Those do not transfer to the new target. If you are Incapacitated (for instance, when you drop to 0 HP or below), you lose all your Focus.

Find an opening: When you attack the target of your Duel, you may spend any number of points of its Focus. If you hit, increase your damage by one per point spent.

Change Target Attack Action At-Will
Make a Basic Attack against a creature. Then change the target of Duel to that creature.
Clarification: If you make this attack multiple times at once (for instance, as a Blaster), you may choose which target to change your Duel to after resolving the attacks. You may only ever have one target of Duel.

No Escape Attack Action At-Will Melee Damage 2
Effect: Target is Slowed (save ends).

Demand Attention Attack Action At-Will Melee or Range 5 Damage 2
Effect: Target takes 1 point of Focus if it’s the target of your Duel.

Perfect Defence Attack Action Encounter Melee Damage 3
Effect: Target has Disadvantage to attack you. It makes a Saving throw against this Status each time it hits you with an attack.

Quick Shift Role Action At-Will
You may shift 1 square. (2 squares at level 8.)

Strike Back Reaction Encounter
Trigger: An enemy hits you with an attack.
Spend an Action Point. Make an attack against the triggering enemy.

Rally No Action 2/Encounter
Special: You may only use this on your turn, but you may use at any point in your turn, even while Incapacitated, Dominated, or under any other Status.
Spend an Action Point. Regain 4 Hit Points and regain the use of one Encounter Power from your Class (i.e. not a Role Action) you have expended.

Charge Attack Action At-Will
Move up to your speed to a square adjacent a creature and make a Melee Basic Attack against it. Each square of movement must bring you closer to the target. You cannot Charge through Difficult Terrain.

Assess Role Action At-Will
Roll a die and ask the GM that many questions from the lists below.
About an enemy:
• How many Hit Points does it have?
• How would you summarize its powers?
• What are its special traits?
• Is it carrying anything strange or unique?
About the encounter:
• Who is really in charge?
• What can I use against the enemies?
• What can they use against me?
• Are there hidden doors or traps?
• Are there hidden enemies?

Basic Attack Attack Action At-Will Melee or Range 5 Damage 2
Effect: None.


Eslin Dragondown

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